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A good beginning bodes well! The early bird catches the worm

We could keep listing the popular adages finding always a great truth. Getting started well the day is crucial and to start it best it is important to have a good, balanced breakfast, with healthy ingredients, nice to see and good to taste. This is especially true when you are on vacation, in a city of art, or when travelling on business. Tourists and businessmen, to take advantage of their time in the destination cities, need long days full of beauties to admire, tight meetings to conclude contracts, fast meals throughout the day. An intense effort that requires a good energy charge in the morning.

A good breakfast made of healthy, fresh and organic foods allows you to have that added value to your customers, and to enrich further memories of your work or pleasure in the eternal city.
We guarantee a balanced and differentiated offer for each day in the tastes and breakfast habits.

We choose organic and biodynamic agriculture products to guarantee freshness and quality of food. No preservatives or dyes or chemical additives are used. For the tarts, the compositions will be privileged (which, unlike the jams, provide a minimum quantity of added sugar: 85-90% fruit, 10-15% sugar).

Freshness: The products are made daily

Creativity: The same recipe can include variations related to seasonality

Attention to the customer: In case of special requests from the customer on diets or on specific ingredients to avoid, they will be considered in the daily offer (eg vegan food, food allergies to certain ingredients)