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Mobile   +39 339 1431939 (Martina)
Fax      +39 0683391628
Mobile   +39 3200551825

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Check-in is by appointment only. After 17 o’clock check-in has an extra cost.

Martina B&b  QA  887 – 26/01/2010
Toscana 30 QA/2015/31846 –  18/12/2015
Elena al Colosseo  QA/2015/31822 – 18/12/2015
Martina a Piazza del Popolo  QA/2015/33185 –  25/12/2015
Suite B&B all’Aracoeli  QA/2015/20202 – 08/09/2015
Martina al Colosseo QA/2015/31267