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We can book and arrange for you:

Activities & Extras

We can book for you professional guides for Rome and its neighbourhood at very special prices.
Our guides:
Ms. Maja Ajdin

We may not be the largest company, but we are the ones who will personally take care of you on your holiday and guarantee nothing less than the best of tour services. We would like you to enjoy Italy as i's suppose to be enjoyed, to see it with the help of fantastic guides rather than to lose time just wandering and looking and we would like you to take home much more knowledge than you could ever imagined. We are for the ones who are culturally curious, who are never satisfied with the routine of the same old places and who are always in search of that something new, unusual and unexpected. Travelling and learning new things, discovering new places, going out of the crowd in order to discover something unexpected is the way to open your mind and widen your world.

Vatican Tour: the first tour in English starts at 9.30 am. Tours depart mostly every hour (10.30, 11.45 and 12.30 etc). The last tour is at 14.30.
Tours are in English! Spanish tours will be organized soon.
Coliseum Tour: the first tour in English departs at 10.30 am. It is also possibile to visit the subterranean area.

Facebook: CityLightsRome
10% discount for all our guests.

Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Tour

The Colosseum and Ancient Rome tour will take you through the 2,700 year old archaeological site of the Palatine Hill, Roman Forum and the Colosseum. Your guide will fascinate you with true facts and legendary stories about the Roman times keeping you entertained throughout. The highlights of this tour will include, Forum of Augusto,Temple of Venus and Roma, Forum of Julius Caesar, Arch of Titus, Basilica of Maxentius and so much more. The Colosseum is a monument that makes Rome different to all other cities and perhaps top of your to see list. Our guide will take you directly inside(without waiting in line) and will enlighten you with their knowledge of what happened here 2,000 years ago. According to the availability and Colosseum openings we can offer you the Underground Colosseum tour which will allow you to enter restricted areas of the Colosseum usually closed to the general public. We keep our groups small in order take care of you and with the aim to offer the best quality. This tour is available as a group tour, a semi private and a private tour. Itinerary: Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Suggestions and notes:

Duration: 2,5/3 hrs
Outdoor walking tour - wear sport shoes.
All the prices include entrance fee, skip the line reservation, English (or your language) speaking guide and headsets if necessary. Children under 5 years old are welcome on our tours for free.

Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica

On the Vatican Tour your guide will passionately lead you through the galleries of the Vatican Museums, providing you with historical facts, leaving you plenty of time to take photos and to absorb the beauty of the masterpieces. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to witness the Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel and The Last Judgement. At the end of your Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel tour, your guide will take you through a privileged entrance to the St. Peters Basilica without waiting in line. We can also arrange an 8am early morning tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel in order to enter one hour earlier than the general public. You can choose between our 8am tour, a daily group tour or a private tour. Itinerary: Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums and St Peter's Basilica.

Suggestions and notes:

Duration: 2,5/3 hrs
Indoor walking tour, knees and shoulders MUST be covered.
All the prices include entrance fee, skip the line reservation, English (or your language) speaking guide and headsets if necessary.
Children under 5 years old are welcome on our tours for free.

Ms. Tiziana Ceccarelli

Tiziana is an art historian and a licensed local tour guide. She loves Italy and its cultural and artistic heritage. Tiziana will be glad to tour you around Rome and its surroundings. You can choose one of the following tours or, if you prefer, She can customize the itinerary according to your own tastes and interests!
Rates from 140,00€ for a private 3H tour.

Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica (3 Hours)

Visit to the Vatican Museums, one of the most important art collection in the world. We will admire the Greek and Roman collection of the Pio Clementino Museum, the Gallery of Tapestries and Geographical Maps, the Raphael’s
Rooms and the famous Sistine Chapel.
Then visit to the monumental St. Peter’s Basilica the heart of Christianity, with its masterpieces of art as the dome designed by Michelangelo and his famous Pietà, Bernini’s canopy, the mosaics and the marbles.
The tour will end in the fabulous Saint Peter’s Square.
Tickets can be bought online to avoid the queue at the entrance (you pay a reservation fee on top).

Rome squares and fountains. Renaissance and Baroque Rome (3 Hours)

Starting from the spectacular Spanish Steps we will reach the Trevi Fountain, memorable set of the “La Dolce Vita” best scene! We will walk past piazza Colonna, one of the most beautiful squares in Rome dense with history, the Colonna Aureliana and Palazzo Chigi. Then Piazza di Pietra and the Temple of Emperor Adrian, the church of Saint Ignazio, with its wonderful painted ceiling and the faked painted dome. Next the Pantheon with its incredible architecture.
Visit to the church of S. Luigi dei Francesi with the chapel canvases painted by the genius of Caravaggio. End in the scenographic Piazza Navona with the worldwide known Fountain of the Rivers by Bernini, the Church of St. Agnese, the Doria Pamphilj palace and the street artists. And along the way I’ll we show you the places were you can taste the best coffee or the best “gelato” in Rome.

Ancient Rome (3 Hours)

Starting from the Colosseum (outside), the Flavian Amphitheatre built by emperors of the Flavian family, and the Arch of Constantine erected in the IV century a.D., stroll along Via dei Fori Imperiali, lined on either side by the remains of the Imperial and Roman Forums of ancient Rome.
Arrive to Piazza Venezia where we will be astonished by the Vittoriano, the biggest European monument. Then we can climb the stairs to Piazza del Campidoglio, designed by Michelangelo, for a panoramic view of the Roman Forum.

Colosseum and Roman Forum - inside visit (3 Hours)

Starting from the Colosseum, the most visited monument in Rome, stroll inside the Roman Forum and the Palatine hill, one of the most evocative places in Rome, a testament to Rome’s past greatness.

Christian Rome and The Basilicas (3 Hours)
Visit to some of the main Basilicas in Rome. The amazing Saint Mary the Major with its precious medieval mosaics, Saint John the Lateran, the cathedral of Rome, and the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem. Discover the architecture, the works of art, the history of the relics kept inside.

The Jewish Ghetto

Starting from the Tiberina Island, the only island in the middle of the Tiber river, stroll the narrow streets of the Jewish district, where the ghetto was established in 1555. This is one of the most fascinating area of Rome with its Roman and Medieval ruins and buildings, and its kosher restaurants and Jewish bakeries.

The Roman Castles and Roman countryside

Visit to the Roman Castles area, the small towns of the Alban Hills just few miles outside Rome. The area is famous for the beautiful landscapes, the vineyards and the picturesque villages: Castel Gandolfo, my home town, a fine little village on the shores of a volcanic lake, where the pope has his summer residence; Ariccia and its baroque square and
Nemi with its magnificent view of the small Nemi lake, known as the Diana’s mirror. Don’t miss the gastronomic delicacies and local wine in one of the tipical inn called “ fraschetta”.
Ask me about information on how to get to the Roman Castles from Rome

Ms. Flavia Pàstina

Flavia Pàstina, Flavia Pastina, is a tourist guide of Rome, Vatican City and Bologna. Art historian, speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. Flavia's work reflects the experience of several generations of tour guides and developed in the field of cultural tourism, as well as religious, gastronomic and business. Flavia organizes exclusive tours of art that can be structured according to customer's request, and offers continuous updates on shows and musical events.
Tours are 50 Euro per hour, with a minimum of 3 hours. The Vatican Tour takes 4 hours.

The rental service with driver bring you from the Airport or train station to our resorts. And vice versa.
We can book it for you and your travel friends up to 24 hours before the travel date. Rates starting from 50 Euro.
If you are flying in the evening and don't know where to leave your baggage, we can book our luggage deposit and delivery service "Bags-Free" for you!
We work with the company Bags-Free which transports your luggage to Airports, Train Stations or their Storage at Termini Station at a very convenient price!! An operator of their Staff will collect your luggage at your resort and return it to your hand at your point of departure or in any other address. To ensure your safety, Bags-Free has developed a special system, capable of ensuring the inviolability of your luggage from the resort to your point of departures and vice versa. Prices from 5 Euro per bag.
You can skip the line an visit the city properly with a group tour organized by a well-known travel agency.
Here some examples:
City centre + St. Peter's Basilica

An itinerary by coach and on foot to visit the classic monuments of Rome. Crossing Piazza della Repubblica with the Fountain of the Nayads, our local guide will take you on a pleasant stroll through the historical centre, where you can admire the Trevi Fountain, La Colonna di Marco Aurelio, the Palazzo di Montecitorio, designed by Bernini, the Pantheon (visit inside), Palazzo Madama - seat of the senate, Piazza Navona, Via dei Coronari (the Antiquarians Road). Passing alongside Castel Sant'Angelo and along Via della Conciliazione, we get the Basilica of St. Peter (with papal blessing on Sundays), which you can visit with headphones provided by our guide. You will have the opportunity to admire the Pieta, a masterpiece of Michelangelo.

Vatican Museums + St. Peter’s Basilica

Your guide will lead you into the Vatican Museums taking the beautiful Spiral staircase and continuing through the Gallery of the Tapestries and the Gallery of the Geographical Maps before arriving in the famous Sistine Chapel with its magnificent fresco of the Last Judgement by Michelangelo, at the end of the tour time free to visit the St.Peter’s Basilica.

Piazza Venezia + Roman Forum + Colosseum.

Arriving by coach at Piazza Venezia you then continue on foot to the famous Piazza Del Campidoglio designed by Michelangelo from where you will have a fantastic view of the Roman Forum. By coach we will then drive by the Circus Maximus and the Aventino Hill. Stop to admire the beautiful statue of Moses by Michelangelo located in the Church of St. Peter’s in Chains from where it will take us 5 minutes to reach the symbol of the eternal city: The Colosseum (visit inside, the entrance fee is included).

S.Maria Maggiore + S.John in Lateran + Ancient Appian Way + Catcombs

The first stop will be on the Esquiline Hill where our guide will show you some of the treasures inside the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, before continuing by coach to stop and see the Holy Staircase and the Lateran Palace before visiting inside the Basilica of San Giovanni, the cathedral of Rome (visit inside). Then proceeding along the Ancient Appian Way, you will pass by the Chapel of “Domine Quo Vadis?” before arriving at the Catacombs, the ancient underground cemeteries and first hiding places for the Christians. A visit will be made to either the Catacombs of S. Callisto, Santa Domitilla or San Sebastiano depending upon seasonal conditions. The tour will end with a spectacular view of the Baths of Emperor Caracalla.

Villa Adriana + Villa D'Este

Following the ancient Via Tiburtina for 30 Kms. east of Rome, this tour allows you to visit and compare two very splendid villas from two different ages. The Villa Adriana dating back to Roman Times and the Villa D’Este from the Renaissance period.
At the foot of the Tiburtini hills, source of the springs that supply the spa town of Bagni di Tivoli and which are dominated by vast quarries of travertine marble, you will stop first to visit the ruins of Villa Adriana which can only hint at the grandeur and beauty of this Villa built by Emperor Hadrian to remind him of the monuments and sites he had admired during his travels in the East. We then continue to the Villa D’Este, one of the most beautiful residences of the Renaissance. The Villa’s countless fountains, set in the heart of magnificent Italian style gardens, create a delightfully graceful symphony of carved stone, shade, sunlight and water.

To discover Rome in a different way
Archeo running / walking

We are in touch with a couple of associations that organize days of Arche running or Walking during all year. It isn't a very nice way to visit the city?

Bike Tours of Rome

You will be guided through the hidden and enchanting treasures of Rome by multilingual and capable staff for an enjoyable bike ride.

Hop on/hop off bus tickets

You can buy tickets for your HopON HopOFF bus in advance from your resort.

If you want to have some hours just for yourself we can take care of your children!
We can take them to the Zoo or to the Explora Museums!! 15,00 Euro per hour.
We offer to all our customers the possibility to book and organize in loco physiotherapy massages at really affordable prices!
Our physiotherapists:
Mrs. Rosanna Giangreco

To keep in shape and dedicate some time to you and your body after a long day of sightseeing around the city, I offer you some type of treatments that I can perform on-site for you:
- Fascial manipulation
- Unloading of the spine, cervical, dorsal, lumbar
- Passive Stretching
- Relaxing Massage, Decontracting massage and sport massage

In addition, I can do specific treatments to relieve the pain of the back and neck as well as circulatory and lymphatic drainage massage.

Mr. Roberto Tiberi

Pain in the neck, back or cervical? Tiredness, fatigue or stress? Or simply you want to spend some relaxing moments? Book a "Wellness Massage" and remember "Mens sana in corpore sano" ....
You can choose between the following types of massage: Sport, Muscle relaxant, Total Relaxation, Stress Eastern, Connective Tissue, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Ayurvedic Abhyanga, Total Body Relaxation Massage.
From 40 €.

Facebook: massaggiperilbenessere

On request you can book with us make an expert personal trainer for training sessions indoors or outdoors.
Our Personal Trainers:
Mr. Massimiliano Menculini

To take care of our body is fundamental carrying out physical activity!Adopting an active lifestyle opposes the onset of diseases, get the mood and the self-confidence better. I plan and organize individual or small groups training session, targeted to individual needs with different methods of training, at home or at the park.

Mr. Francesco Giannelli Savastano

To keep fit I can organize for you guided sessions of traning and postural exercises. You can book in advance your favorite treatment and / or your training session.

Request a photo shoot stylish and innovative reportage style to your celebrations and photo books with charming and picturesque Roman backgrounds.
Rely on our photographers for an unforgettable experience in Rome!
Enjoy the city with your dog!
Dogs & Museum, BauTheatre, BauCinema, BauStadium will allow you to visit Rome in the company of your faithful four-legged friend. You can go to the Museums, to the archaeological and religious areas, to the cinema, to the theater, to the concerts and to the sporting and cultural events that take place in the city, together with your dog: and there, at the entrance, you will find their operators waiting for you specialized dogs who will take delivery of your four-legged animals and keep them with them, making them walk, play and relax, until the owners have finished visiting the places they are interested in.